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"Showcasing Life"


Born & raised in a small town in the heart of West Virginia, Ben has pushed the boundaries of his creativity dating back to 2013. Ben was 13 years old when he discovered his extreme love for Photography and Visual Arts. He gave up everything to pursue this as his lifetime career and has built from the ground to remarkable heights. Ben’s love for his photography is much more important than you may think. He uses his craft as a way to live his life and showcase life to the world. He is challenged by a rare condition called Albinism one of the key factors is that it impairs your vision. This led to Ben finding his way to experience his life through photography and being able to see the world in a more normal format. Ben’s first book published “Albinism Seen: A Story Through My Eyes” was released in January 2023 and explains not only the perspective of someone with Albinism but opens up the overdue conversation of understanding what the Albinism community sees daily. Ben explains in his book how photography gives him that feeling of normalcy when he’s looking through a viewfinder of a camera.

Ben has worked for many top companies and schools in the past and present. Dating back to 2018, Ben started as a Staff Photographer for Marshall University’s Communications Department. In 2020, Ben moved his career to West Virginia University where he received his bachelor’s degree in Photojournalism/Photography and where he worked for many departments as a Photographer and Multimedia Specialist such as WVU Campus Recreation, Adventure WV, WVU Sports, Colligate Recovery, West Virginia Today and The DA Newspaper. Today, Ben works for The Dominion Post Newspaper (West Virginia’s leading daily newspaper publication) as their Staff Photojournalist and Social Media Director. Ben is also partnered with TMT Weddings as their West Virginia Wedding Photographer. Ben has also opened up his teaching journey by accepting a position with the Mon Art Center as their Photography Instructor where Ben will teach classes to the new generation of Photographers.

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